Thursday, May 14, 2009


So my favorite TV show (aside from old Seinfeld re-runs) is hands down Grey's Anatomy. It's got a little bit of everything: humor, drama, blood, romance... what more do you need?? It's one of those shows that you sometimes get a little too wrapped up in and pretty soon you want to live out your love life through the MerDer relationship and want to find your own "McDreamy". This obsession all started about 3 years ago at 4H House. My beloved roomies, Jessica, Bethany, Rachel, and I were watching the Super Bowl and these commercials for some show called "Grey's Anatomy" kept playing. The commercials consisted of nothing but the words CODE BLACK and then people looking very serious. The more this went on, the more we had to know what CODE BLACK meant. We watched the episode after the Super Bowl, and we found out that Code Black meant that there was an unexploded bomb inside a guy. We continued to watch and witnessed a bomb squad guy explode into dust, and were first introduced to the love affair between Meredith and Derek...needless to say we were instantly hooked. After that. every Sunday night the four of us would all pile onto the futon (yes 4 girls on one futon...we were quite the sight) and tune in to see what our favorite interns were up to that week. There were many times that we got complaints from rooms down the hall about our shocked screams, bursts of laughter, or frustrated rants because something didn't happen the way we wanted. After the show we would then spend about an hour dissecting what had happened. Like I said, we were obsessed. But these nights we spent together are some of my favorite memories of the 4 of us together.

Tonight was the 5th season finale of Grey's Anatomy and it was a doozie. Of course by the end of the show I was completely in tears. But probably my favorite part of tonight were the text messages, phone calls, and Facebook posts which took part during and after the show was over. Jessica and I discussed the occurrences and shared theories on what would happen next. Rachel, who's missed this season except for the last two episodes, (I told you that you needed to be watching!) sent messages about how shocked she was as well. Bethany had something to go to and missed it, but I'm sure she'll watch it tomorrow online and I'll hear her comments on it as well. I know it's just a silly TV show, but I love the memories of watching it with the best roommates in history and that it still brings us together. I remember Jessica ranting one night and giving a speech about how Grey's brings us together and we'll never forget the nights we spent on that futon and she was absolutely right.

There's really no point to this post, other than I've just been feeling very nostalgic lately with college coming to an end, and tonight just reminded me of how lucky I am to have great friends and entertaining TV! :)

Bethany, Jessica, Rachel, and Rachel - The fearsome foursome

Dr. Derek Shepard (McDreamy) and Dr. Meredith Grey - aka MerDer

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Jessica said...

I like you and us and Grey's. This post made me very happy. Love you!