Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hola! Como estas? Muy bien!

Well after 5 days in Mexico that's still about as much Spanish as I know.  Add gracias and una mas and that is the extent of my vocabulary.  Luckily that didn't hold us back!  Cory, Amanda, and I had a great time in Cancun!  The resort we stayed at was called the Riu Caribe, and it ended up being really nice.  The whole concept of 'all inclusive' is a genius one.  It was great to walk around and not have to carry any money or anything around.  I could eat ice cream everyday and eat steak - fo free! (ok so not really free we paid for it but still it seemed free!)  We spent most of our days laying around the pool or on the beach doing absolutely nothing but soaking up the sun.  I finished 4 books and got some pretty sweet tan lines. 

We planned a couple of extra activities as well.  One night we went on a pirate themed cruise ship. Out of the probably 40 people on the boat, we were 3 of 5 who spoke English as our only language.  The main pirate emcee would explain things in both Spanish and English, but we feel like we missed out on a lot of the story.  We figured this only enhanced the experience as it was probably pretty corny otherwise.  We cruised from Cancun to the Isla Mujeres where we saw a pirate show, had dinner, played some games, and had a mini dance party. While on the island I got called out to come on stage to play a game. It was a scavenger hunt and we had find certain items in the audience and thing bring them back to the pirate - the last person back would lose. It was interesting because he would explain what we were looking for in Spanish first, so I just took off running not knowing most of the time what I was looking for. I was the last person standing and won a t-shirt for my efforts.  It was extremely windy that night and it wasn't long until our boat ride turned into a scene straight out of Deadliest Catch.  The boat was rocking so hard that I was convinced we would end up having to swim back to shore.  This also only enhanced the experience, because the crew had people up dancing around the boat and soon the scene changed from Deadliest Catch to Titanic.  As the boat rocked everyone dancing would scream, cling to the railings, and topple on top of each other.  It was epic and hysterical!! 

We also went on a club hop which took us to 3 of the hot spots in Cancun: Congo, Senor Frogs, and Cocoa Bongo.  We had an extremely good time.  Senor Frogs was by far my favorite.  It was really laid back with a beach theme and even had a water slide running through the place.  Cocoa Bongo was a disco like place and they put on shows of famous singers such as Elvis, Beyonce, and Michael Jackson.  The people really looked like the singers and they would dance and lip sync along to their music videos which would play on these huge screens.  It was a blast!

We sadly left on Wednesday and went from 90 degrees in Cancun to a very sad 40 degrees in Minnesota.  It was really disheartening.  I started feeling better when Cody welcomed me home with a small Dairy Queen ice cream cake!  I'll leave you now with a slide show of some of the pictures of our trip.  I feel like there is more to say, but it's late and my clever blogger writing skills just aren't clicking (as if my blog posts are ever that clever anyway!).  So good night!