Monday, April 27, 2009

Working Woman

Just wanted to let everyone know, if they haven't heard yet, I'm officially employed! This past week I accepted my offer, and I will be interning with Hormel Foods in Austin, MN in the research and development department. I'm excited about the opportunity, and I think I will learn a lot. It's still up in the air about what will happen in August (I may end up going home to farm yet), but I'm just happy to be working and making some $$$ :) This also means I have a lot of work to get done before I start at Hormel in June. I can't believe it's all coming to an end!

No real other news to report. I spent the weekend in Lincoln with Ace. After beautiful weather all week I was really excited for the weekend. But Mother Nature won another round, and the weather was cold, rainy, and gloomy all weekend. But we still managed to have a pretty good weekend. I got to visit Rachel and David for awhile on Friday and Sunday. They never fail to entertain me :)

This week I intend to get very serious about writing. My goal is to finish writing in the next two weeks so I have the last two weeks of May to kind of do what I want. I really want to help the girls in my pledge class from 4H House celebrate graduation in Champaign, but I just don't know if I'm going to have time to get down there. Also this week, me and my officemates' wives are dragging the guys to see Cats on Tuesday! I'm super excited, but I'm a nerd like that :) I'll have to update on how it was.

So that's it for tonight. Lots of work to do tomorrow so it's off to bed!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yeah it's been awhile again since I updated this....again. But to be honest this thing is the last thing on my mind most days. The job search continues. Most of you know that I've been offered an internship, and I'm probably going to end up accepting it. I think it will be a great experience and I will learn a lot, but I just hate that I don't know what will happen in August when the internship ends. I've just been trying to be positive and keep my head up, but to be honest there are days when I fail miserably at doing that. But I know everything will work out in the end....

When I'm not job searching, you can find me in front of a computer working on my thesis. It's coming along. Nothing too exciting to report about it.
On the more entertaining side of life, I got to spend 4 fabulous days at home last weekend for Easter. I wish I could get home more often. It was so great to just relax and re-charge for a few days. The river was out, yet again, and so I've been banned from coming home until after we're completely done planting corn because I seem to bring the water with me when I come home. Saturday we had Smith Easter at Sunday was Gognat Easter dinner. Needless to say I didn't spend the weekend being hungry! I got to see my mom's new kitchen which is AMAZING. She has a ridiculous amount of cabinet space and an overload of lights that she likes to call her "light factory". Of course the rest of our house isn't finished yet so when you first walk into our house it looks like we live in a poor man's shanty with a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling and bare walls with wires hanging out everywhere. I'm anxious to see what it will be like when it's finished. It won't be the same house anymore!

*Smith Easter*

*Egg hunting*

*The Smith Bunch Band*

*Mom and I failing miserably on the drums*

Of course no trip home would be complete without stopping in Champaign. I spent Thursday night visiting with everyone. I miss that town and all the people there so much. It was so great to see everyone and I hope I can make it back to celebrate graduation with my ohniners before the end of the semester!

*Dallas and I*

*4H House 09s*

I also got to spend some time with Adrienne while I was home. She got to come up to Ames a month ago, and I'm so glad that we've stayed such close friends even though I live so far away.

*Adrienne and I*

To wrap this update up. This past weekend was Veishea here at Iowa State. Veishea is a university celebration that includes a parade, food, and entertainment of all kinds. The spring football game happened to fall during the weekend so the guys brought out ISU 911 for one last time. I've had such a great time during my time at Iowa State and have been blessed to meet some really great friends. The past few weeks it's finally started to hit me that I'm almost done with college. From Wabash, to Illinois, to Iowa State I've collected an amazing group of people that I'm priveledged to call friends. It's been a great six years!

*Amy, me, Leah, and their friend Casey*

Well that's it for now. I'll try to write again soon, but I'm not promising anything!