Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sweet Summertime

Finally I can post without complaining about snow! Summer has finally arrived in southern Minnesota. We had some hot days last week which caused an all out panic up here.  I believe these weirdos would rather have a foot of snow on the ground than it be over 85 degrees.  Don't get me wrong, it was hot, but it could have been so much hotter with a lot more humidity.  I thought it was wonderful!  

Since my last post I've put a lot of miles on.  Home for Easter, home for Bethany's wedding, a handful of trips to Nebraska, and I had some special visitors that I gave a personal Mall of America tour to.  I'm keeping busy to say the least! On Sunday I leave for a week to go to RMC, the Reciprocal Meats Conference, in Manhattan, Kansas followed by some tater work in Topeka. Then I'll make a pit stop in Minnesota before heading to Iowa City for Jessie's bachelorette party.  It will be a lot of traveling, but I can't wait!  Other than living my life as a gypsy traveler, life has been pretty much the same.  I play kickball on Thursday nights which has been a lot of fun and really amusing.  Tater business is booming, and I've been really busy at work.  Other than that it's been the same ol' same ol'.  I'll leave you with a few pictures summarizing the beginning of what is bound to be an awesome summer :)

Jessie and Adam's bachelor and bachelorette party in Waukon thrown by Jessie's family

Throwing a calf at VanDeWalle branding :)

Bethany's wedding!

Old roomies 

My first tanking experience in Ericson, NE

Justin and Clayton in Minneapolis <3


Home Sweet Chauncey 


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