Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I caught a mouse today.  It was a major triumphant, and my mother was not supportive.

I discovered this mouse on Sunday after being gone all weekend.  My loaf of bread had a large hole burrowed in it.  So Monday I went a little overboard and bought six mouse traps.  I decided I would only set four of the traps and keep the other two.  Tuesday went by with no mice sightings.  I came home today from being in Osceola for work overnight and found this.

He was stuck, but still alive.  The stuff in the middle is the large glob of peanut butter I smeared on the trap to lure him in.  I discarded of my house guest with minimal screaming/freaking out.  I've decided to leave the other traps out in case he has any friends.  Thanks again for being supportive, Mom.

In other news, it's cold.  Winter has caught up to me once again.  Ugh.

That's all I've got for now.....

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Anonymous said...

"minimal" screaming. Are you sure??? what was that 5 minute phone call " OH MY I CAN'T TOUCH IT WHAT DO I DO HOW DO I PICK IT UP I CAN'T DO IT EWWW ITS ALIVE WHAT IF IT FALLS OFF OHHHH OOHHH I CANT I CAN'T...... do you blame me for laughing uncontrollably? sometimes laughter can be very supportive!! LOVE MOM