Sunday, July 25, 2010


As a good friend of mine recently pointed out, I lied.  I promised a blog update over a month ago, and I still haven't delivered one.  I'm sorry.  I don't even have a good excuse only that it's summer time, and I've been trying to soak it all in.  So here's a quick update.  I would promise to have another post with pictures soon, but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to deliver.

1. It's been hot in MN.  I love it, because it actually feels like summer to me.  People from Minnesota like to complain about the heat.  I think I probably sound like them in the winter when it's snowing, so I suppose it's even.

2. My house has been like the Austin Hotel lately.  Dallas was here for the 4th of July, the following weekend Rachel and David made a quick pit stop, and I entertained Adam and Jessie this weekend.  Cory and Petey will be here next weekend and my parents the weekend after that.

3. I love visitors.  If you would like to come visit please make your reservation right now!

4. I'm now training to run a half marathon in September.  I'm not sure what kind of crazy thoughts have taken over my brain.  I'll be running with 3 other Hormel girls so it should be a fun time (well minus the running 13 miles part).

5.  I cooked all afternoon, and I'm now covered in flour.  I'm definitely my mother's daughter judging by the flour handprints that were on my shorts...

6. I've eaten my weight in mashed potatoes the last couple of weeks at work.  It's becoming a problem.  See #4.

7.  My cousin Clayton was baptised this morning at church, and I am so proud of him! I really wish I could have been home to see him give his life to the Lord.  Congrats Clayton!

8.  Did I mention that I love summer and hot weather??

9.  I played in a sand volleyball tournament last weekend and ended up with a wicked mystery bruise on my hand.  I should have taken a picture of it, but I forgot.

10.  Watching the latest episodes of Deadliest Catch where Captain Phil dies makes me cry everytime.  I'm such a baby. 

11. I've been living off of strawberries for the last month and a half.  I bought some at the store last week and ended up throwing half the carton away once I got home because they were starting to rot.  It made me very sad because it means strawberry season is over.

12.  The same day I threw away strawberries, I bought my first bunch of sweet corn.  This made me feel much better.

13.  Cody has now met almost all of the important people in my life and has passed the inspections.  I knew he would :)

14.  I need to go to Illinois soon.  Chauncey, Illinois to be specific.

15.  I'm more tan than I've been in the last few years. I love summer!

16.  Getting engaged seems to be the thing to do these days.  Congrats to Sarah and Matt, Jessie and Adam, and Christine and Travis!! I'll throw in Bethany and Blake and Sug and Robert too even though you've been engaged for awhile :)

That's all I can think of for now.  Off to enjoy some more hot summer weather!!

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