Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Travels of a Halloween Tourist

Another Halloween has come and gone. I had a lot of fun during my first Halloween in Austin! Last Wednesday I got together with some of the girls I've become friends with and we carved pumpkins. There was good food, a lot of laughing, and some very creative pumpkins! Even though I had the best looking pumpkins on the block, I only had three trick-or-treaters. Only one of those was even in a costume. I was kind of bummed, because I had bought enough candy to feed a whole army. Looks like everyone at work is going to get some treats this week!!

The tourist made her debut on Friday night at my friend Katie's Halloween party. I was pretty proud of this year's costume that I put together on my own. I think I spent a total of $18.95 on my costume. The lime green pants, Bahamas souvenir t-shirt, and awesome Hawaiin print jacket were all compliments of Good Will. I found some awesome palm tree socks at the Dollar Tree and a set of two visors at Wal-Mart. I owned a pair of Crocs, and the fanny pack and awesome 90's style sunglasses came from home. Top that off with my camera around my neck and a bag full of maps, and you had one really tacky tourist! I would say I had a very successful Halloween vacation. I went to an Indian Reservation, I saw Dorothy and a tornado in Kansas, I went to the Muppet Show, a Farm, and a rock show just to name a few. :) Here are just some of my favorite costumes from the weekend....

*Katie the fairy, Joni the ninja, Holly the can, and I*

*Tony campaigned for about a month to have members of his tribe, Chad was the only member. So they named themselves the Last of the Mohicans*

*Miss Piggy and Kermit*

*One of the most comical costumes was Curtis as the Gingerbread Man*

This week it's back to my normal life as a Hormel employee. No real news to report. Cory and I have started planning our fabulous Mexican vacation for next April. We're thinking about Cancun, but we're not 100% sure yet. We're planning it now so I can have something to look forward to during winter and Cory will have something to get her through busy tax season. I know we're going to have a blast!! Look out Mexico!

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