Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meat Science!

I've got time for just a short post. After taking a pretty rough test this morning and a long lab this afternoon, I'm taking a little break at work for something more fun :) Just to catch everyone up, this past weekend my best good friend, Rachel Baum got married. It was a gorgeous wedding, and I'll have to post pictures and details a little later as all of my pictures are at home.

Tomorrow evening is the meat science club's annual appreciation dinner. I was asked to help finish up a slide show of random pictures from the past year. When I got the slide show I was so excited to see that a bunch of old meat lab pictures were included. And when I say old, I mean from around the 30's. I absolutely love old meat science pictures. It's crazy to see how much the industry has changed. No hair nets, no frocks most of the time, dirty floors...it's just fun to see. Here are a few to enjoy. I believe all of these were taken in the orginal Iowa State meat lab, which is now the livestock pavillion. Now it's just a big open space off the Animal Science building where sometimes classes are held and is the site for a couple of auctions and shows throughout the year. If you're squimish with animal carcasses then maybe don't look, but I promise they're not bloody or anything!
*Pork Carcasses*

*My favorite - really not sanitary at all*

*Beef carcasses and rounds on the table*

*Fabrication - Grandma Edith has a table just like those that I want one day*

*Pork bellies (bacon) and hams*

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