Sunday, October 5, 2008

So what's new with you?

So you know that saying "If everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you jump too?" Well starting this blog is me jumping. After some of my friends started blogs to keep their family and friends updated and in the loop, I never thought I would have anything interesting to write about it. But after religiously reading theirs, I decided to could do this too.

So what's new with me....well I've started my second year of grad school here at Iowa State in meat science. Everything has been going really great. Most of the data for my research project has been collected, and I teach a lab section which I really enjoy. I should graduate in May or by August at the latest, and I've been contemplating my next move. Of course, I'm that crazy girl who likes school, so I've been thinking a lot about continuing on to get my phd. I've started looking at universities a little bit and getting an idea of where I would like to go. But I still really have no idea what I want to do when I grow up!

When I'm not doing school stuff, I've been keeping myself busy with various fall activities. Football season is in full swing, so I've been taking part in tailgating and trying to disguise myself as a true Iowa State fan. But in reality, I'll be orange and blue forever! I will give Iowa State props though for having amazing tailgating. While their football team isn't anything to brag about (although they did almost upset Kansas this weekend) they take their tailgating very seriously. Some guys I know went together to purchase an old ambulance off of Ebay and cleverly attached "ISU 911" decals to the side. With it's working lights and sirens, it's quite the sight!

This past weekend, most of my pledge class from 4H House took their senior walkout and came to visit me. I took them tailgating and we had a small bachelorette for Rachel Baum on Saturday night. Overall it was a fabulous weekend, and I wish I could see those girls more often!

Rachel (Baum that is) now lives in Lincoln, Nebraska which is conveniently located only a little more than 3 hours away from me. It's so great to have her and her fiance, David so close that we can easily visit each other during free weekends. As some as you may or may not know, she's not the only reason I'm frequenting Nebraska these days....I've began dating a guy who lives in Lincoln and his name is Ace. I think that's all the details that I'm going to give away for now... :)

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